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Time to change your underwear. 

The story of MyPakage started out as a business philosophy, a brand that would change the game.

So we set a new benchmark and made the best underwear on the planet for men. We took the most advanced fabric technology and construction techniques available and built underwear that is unrivaled for fit, comfort, support and style. We changed the way men think – and talk – about underwear.

Our products drive our vision – to make the best men’s underwear for sport and leisure. Our mission is to go out there and have fun.

MyPakage is the first thing you put on in the morning. It makes you feel great and gives you permission to play. By sharing our stories and creating opportunities to have fun, we are encouraging people to join our way of life. We sponsor and create events, we sponsor athletes across various sports, and we get involved in local communities any opportunity that we can. Change your game.

Join the MyPakage community and let us support you.